Youssef Hilal

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This Youssef Hilal guy claiming to be from Mississauga/Oakville Ontario is running an elaborate projector/tv scam out of the back of his or his brothers vehicle. They say they got a couple extra tv’s/projectors that they got from Amazon warehouse or some bogus story and they would rather sell them then return them to their boss, lmfao.

Other Relevent Information:

  • Says he works for a company called Eastporters located in Oakville.
  • The type of fake projector is an Aldus screen with a Carerra projector.
  • Both wearing navy Bose home theatre golf polos.
  • Brother or friend or whoever was in passenger seat has a tattoo behind his left ear.

Couldn’t make out many other identifying features besides the Youssef guy had an absolute horrible stink to him. Kind of wanted to give him the money so he could buy some deodorant. Jesus christ.


Quickly calling 911 on Youseef Hilal moments after a scam has taken place

We believe from multiple sources the person on the left is his biological brother and his accomplice in this scam. Great parenting by the Hilal family.

In this third picture below, the person on the left in red is thought to be his accomplice aka his brother. Look for tattoo behind his left ear

Naim Hilal - Accomplice in the White Van Aldus and Carerra projector scam

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