Quentin Franks / Nathaniel White / Clinton Morrison

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  • Name: Quentin Franks, also goes by Nathaniel White as a fake name or someone he is working with, he also claims to have a whale account from the soccer player Clinton Morrison
  • Amount Owed: $190k CDN
  • City: Port Credit, Mississauga / UK just became a permanent Canadian resident within last few months
  • Instagram:
  • Twitter: https://twitter.com/QuentinFranks14
  • Phone number: 447415453176
  • Affiliated with: The Barstewards Enquiry , Smart Betting Club
  • Spouse: 1 Wife/Girlfriend, occupation school teacher

Quentin has scammed myself and my business partner out of 190k, this is not our money as we are being financially backed. He said that he was placing bets for us over a 4month period between himself, Nathaniel White and the soccer player Clinton Morrison. We have had to pay 100k out of pocket so far to our backers and it has destroyed our business and our lives. We need this money back or a payment plan sorted out ASAP and will give the collector a fair amount back.

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